Alwa’s Awakening

I am currently making music and sound effects for a cool indiegame called Alwa’s Awakening. It is an adventure game made for modern platforms but with the feel and look of a Nintendo 8-bit game. We’re inspired by old NES games such as Battle of Olympus and Solstice but also new games

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I am on Spotify!

I have always wanted to release my music so that it would be availible for easy listening for everyone. Thanks to RouteNote, my music is up on Spotify. Please check it out now and have a listen. You will find some Game Boy and NES music made by me here:

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Some songs up on SoundCloud!

Three of my favourite songs uploaded for instant play: My SoundCloud-page

Chip Maestro – just playing with it!

Here is a little sample of what the Chip Maestro can sound like:

Chip Maestro Unboxing!

Finally it arrived! The NES MIDI cartridge from: Here is an unboxing video:

Classic Kong – a cool SNES homebrew

I have been playing some Super Nintendo lately. I have been using my PowerPak. I used Xsplit to record while trying a SNES conversion of the classic Donkey Kong game. It’s called Classic Kong and was quite fun to play. Check this video out for some gameplay. Sorry for speaking

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