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Some songs up on SoundCloud!

Three of my favourite songs uploaded for instant play:

My SoundCloud-page

Chip Maestro – just playing with it!

Chip Maestro let’s you connect your NES to a MIDI-keyboard and play real NES sound. It’s really awesome!

Here is a little sample of what the Chip Maestro can sound like:

Chip Maestro Unboxing!

Finally it arrived! The NES MIDI cartridge from:

Here is an unboxing video:

Classic Kong – a cool SNES homebrew

I have been playing some Super Nintendo lately. I have been using my PowerPak. I used Xsplit to record while trying a SNES conversion of the classic Donkey Kong game. It’s called Classic Kong and was quite fun to play. Check this video out for some gameplay. Sorry for speaking swedish. 🙂

Read more about this game here.