Auction at Retrogathering 2010

In September I started a thread at where I wanted people to submit songs made in FamiTracker. The songs was supposed to be on an exlusive cart only made in one copy. I was suprised to see so many good songs submitted and the cartridge was turning out really well. The cartrige was made and later sold at an auction that was held at Retrogathering in Stockholm October. All the money from the auction was donated to Retrogathering!


At the auction I also sold a special version of Project PAL. Cart number #31. It’s a “Limited Blue Wiklund Edition!”. Half of the money from that cart will be donated to jsr, the creator ofFamiTracker.

  • The “Retrogathering 2010” cart ended at 1000 SEK ($150)
  • The “Project PAL Limited Blue Wiklund Edition!” cart ended at 400 SEK ($60)

Here is a video from the auction:

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